Wonderful surprise this morning to see my image on the Tumblr radar.

elowees asked:

amazing photos, man. hope to be as good as you someday.

Thanks so much!

Some new film work up: http://quinnmilfilm.tumblr.com/

Some new film work up: http://quinnmilfilm.tumblr.com/


Chicago Fog

Minolta AF2 w/ CVS 400ISO film

My name is Quinn Milton, and I am based out of Chicago, IL, USA. I have studied photography since high school, and it was my minor in college. There is something about film that I cannot seem to let go of, and carry a camera and extra roll on me at all times.

—Quinn Milton

I love drug store film and I think they bring out the loveliest and subtlest tones of real life! I’ve shot a few rolls of a drugstore film I picked out here in Germany myself and have loved the results. Generic film is cheap and they can produce good pictures, great go-to film for test shots too! If you’ve spend some time shooting on drugstore film we’d love to see your shots!!—eleanorrigyby236/CGSF

Thanks to coolgirlsshootfilm for the feature on some of my 35mm film work!